Mindfulness Techniques for Burnout and Fatigue


As many other things in life, significant encounters and important events often happen by chance (or at least so it seems). I was introduced to Sofija by a common friend while discussing my research of various tools that can help to alleviate symptoms of extreme fatigue (adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue and burnout). At a first glance, the mindfulness techniques that Sofija suggests may seem too simple to actually work. But don’t be misled by their simplicity. These steps will guide you towards a deeper awareness of your mental, emotional and physical state on the way to recovery from a burnout or a ‘crash’.

Mindfulness and Fatigue

The goal of Mindfulness is to reduce stressors before they lead to exhaustion. While rest is necessary for recovery after the depletion had occurred, mindfulness is crucial when it comes to preventing the actual exhaustion.

Some of the mindfulness techniques include body scan, mindful breathing, mindful walking, emotional mindfulness, a three-minute breathing space, as well as learning how the principles of mindfulness apply to daily life and sleep.

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