body scan

The Body Scan

A typical Body Scan runs through each part of your body, paying special attention to the way each area feels. The scan moves systematically through the body: Toes of both feet; The rest of the feet (top, bottom, ankle); Lower legs; Knees; Thighs; Pelvic region (buttocks, tailbone, pelvic bone, genitals); Abdomen; Chest; Lower back; Upper […]


Mindfulness Techniques for Burnout and Fatigue

As many other things in life, significant encounters and important events often happen by chance (or at least so it seems). I was introduced to Sofija by a common friend while discussing my research of various tools that can help to alleviate symptoms of extreme fatigue (adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue and burnout). At a first glance, the mindfulness techniques that Sofija suggests may seem too simple to actually work. But don’t be misled by their simplicity. These steps will guide you towards a deeper awareness of your mental, emotional and physical state on the way to recovery from a burnout or a ‘crash’.