jedan na jedan minfulness

One on One

The core of the the modern psychology is Cognitive Behavioural Theory, with the last wave of research in Mindfulness. This approach is focused on pattern recognition of our behaviour and thoughts.

This approach gives the simplicity of change through modification in perception and reactions.

You will be supported in developing and deepening your mindfulness practice by building ready to use skills and strategies for your day-to-day life.

Which would lead to Awareness of your triggers of stress and development of more functional response.

One to one sessions are a useful setup for people who have a irregular schedule. The sessions can be done by phone/Skype or in person.

Mindfulness Traning

One-to-One 8-Session Course in Mindfulness:

This is the chance to do the 8-week mindfulness course at a pace to suit you. The course will focus on breathing exercises and body scan meditations, breathwork and bodywork, input and discussion on the theory and principles of mindfulness and the opportunity to apply the teachings to your life and experience.

Fully adjusted to your needs and goals, we will cover among other:

  • The best ways to deal with difficult emotions
  • Handling stress and mood swings
  • Developing the skill of self-compassion
  • Getting attuned to yourself and body awareness

Customized sessions and programs on demand.

The training program will be delivered to a group, via online platform such as Skype or Zoom or in person.

Down load the proposal here.

Grupni Trening Svesne Paznje

Group Mindfulness Training

A great way to pool resources and share the journey with like-minded people. Group dynamic is great asset, and always has an added value.

Mindfulness is all about insights of patterns, and its definitely easier to notice them in people around us, which will give us the chance to apply the same approach and observe our own.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Developing kindness for ourselves to help us reconnect with the world
  • Openness to compassion for others
  • Reflect on the choices we make in our daily lives, as part of the group
  • Open up to new possibilities
  • Grow a certain flexibility in making choices that serve our well being and health

The course is designed and adjusted to the schedule that works for group, typically from four to eight sessions, spaced weekly or bi-weekly meetings.

The training program will be delivered via online platform such as Skype or Zoom or in person.

Mindfull HR

Through the offer of Mindfulness courses I have now the privilege of enabling managers and employees to keep up with the constant demands of today work environment in order to become more resilient, energetic and creative. As well as, better delivering of tasks with the tempo that suits the group.

Topics covered:

  • Recognising stress symptoms
  • Avoiding burn out
  • Better work communication
  • Using diversity as a super power
  • Understanding the importance of communication
  • Finding creative problem solutions
  • More functional team dynamic

Better adaptation to organisation change

Training program is adjusted to the needs and size of your company.

I offer one on one coaching in corporate environment.