Three Basic Principles

Mindfulness, is simply being present in what you are doing and feeling and where you are Now.

Hence when we are focused on what is in front of us, be it a person, a task or a situation, we have a better chance to react more genuine. As a result we are more authentic, more in tune with our true intention and more flexible.

The goal is to reprogram all the pathways of our brain structure, to have more fulfilling experiences.


So many times when you are doing something very important, a random thought out of nowhere will pop into your mind. This usually grabs your attention.

You lose track of the present task. More importantly you get out of the flow. This all makes it hard to go back, and continue.

The key to this is Mindfulness. It boosts your skills of self awareness, which allows you notice the interruptions faster. Once noticed you can just label them and continue with full focus.

Non Judgment

We often we notice that one small thing in our life isn't functioning. Then we automatically start dwelling over other things and areas of life that are not as good as we think they should be. Like that we go down the negative thought spiral.

This mindset blocks us from understanding and seeing bigger picture,we label everything negative. Like that we lose the chance to find a better and more functional solutions.

Once with the support of Mindfulness, we stat seeing situations purely as they are. We will have more freedom to approach situations differently, and be open from new perspective!

Letting Go

Many times, we get stuck on a repeat button, and we don't want to let go. Most of the time the reason for that is fear. Usually we are afraid to be alone, and to become independent of the situation or the person that we are attached to.

Letting go, avoiding to be involved in things that aren't good for us is one of the great power of Mindfulness.

It provides us, with patience and trust, with a small window of chance to realise that we are good enough the way we are!

Once that window is open, we are at peace with our own life, there will be no need for clinging to people and situations that aren't serving our growth. Never the less, we will be ready to build solid and healthy relationships.