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Mindfulness Misconception 

Mindfulness is there to give us the skills but not remove completely the negative feelings. One of the misconceptions that I often face, is the people get in touch with the mindfulness and consider that it will solve their problems. That it will give them the relief of not facing the negative situation ever again. […]

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Into the body 

More often than not we forget about the true condition of our body. That often leads us to a burnout and situations which overwhelm our efforts. The body is such a powerful machine. So let us stop for a second and consider what our body did for us since we woke up today. Furthermore, we […]

Authentic leadership powered by Mindfulness 

The leader that adopts authentic leadership style is mostly concerned with the development of his/ her employees (George, 2003). One of the models of authentic leadership is proposed by Ilies, Morgeson and Nahrgang (2005). The authors developed a four-dimensional model of authentic leadership. First dimension of their model is self-awareness, which is the capability of […]

Mindfulness Techniques for burnout and fatigue 

Mindfulness, as a practice of maintaining awareness of thoughts, feelings and sensations in the present moment and accepting whatever is being experienced without judgement, has gained an increased popularity in the past decades. It’s been used in many different fields and has also proven itself being effective when addressing issues such as burnout, exhaustion, depletion, […]

On Mindfulness 

In this overwhelming world of apps, chats, commercials, and instant everything, we’re fighting for our attention at every turn. We sometimes barely have time to think about our decisions, often regretting what we did or what we bought a short while later.Resurrected from old Buddhist teachings, mindfulness is being touted as the answer to the […]

Mindfulness based therapy 

Have you ever heard of mindfulness based therapy? If not, you are in the right place! Learn what mindfulness is and how it can help you.   What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness branched out of Buddhism around 2,500 years ago. The Buddhist monks spent most of their time meditating, absorbing the surroundings and behaviors of people […]


Nikada ne možeš da staneš u istu reku dva puta. Nikada ne možeš da staneš u istu reku jednom, zato što već kada si jednom zakoračio reka se ispred tebe promenila. Koliko je naš identitet promenjljiv, koliko mi možemo da budemo isti svaki dan, i da predvidimo svoje reakcije? Kako da budemo sigurni da smo […]